Fork SID Select Charger RL - Remote 29" Boost™ 15x110 120mm Diff Black Alum Str Tpr 44offset DebonAir (includes Bolt on Fender, Star nut, Maxle Stealth & TwistLoc Remote) C1

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The SID series is one from RockShox that gained its popularity by its reputation of being fast, and of being overtly fun. Now, RockShox has re-balanced SID to beef up its strength to match its speed, creating the perfect fork for a new generation of fully capable XC bikes. SID forks have continuously prepared riders for anything and everything from rock gardens to jumps and back again. Now, we're seeing the SID Select 29in Boost Fork specifically with more travel, and more opportunities for adventure.

The SID Select is replete with new features that make up a great XC fork. An entirely new 35mm chassis is optimized to be satisfyingly stiff, and to eliminate as much weight as possible. Riders will benefit from the added confidence this provides, and of the redetermined 120mm max travel and, in our book, more travel means more fun. New DebonAir Spring is tuned specifically to meet the demands of XC, and maintains a higher ride height for additional control, and long-lasting fork performance and improved overall suspension feel is thanks to new Ultra-low friction SKF wiper seals. Maxima plush damping fluid reduces friction and silences damper noise.


  • Improved fork for XC riding that takes you across the map
  • 35mm chassis for the ideal blend of lightweight and stiff
  • DebonAir air spring tuned for XC and maintains higher ride height
  • Ultra-low friction SKF wiper seals for long-lasting performance and feel
  • Proven Charger RL damper provides smooth performance
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